This is a handpiece for RA connections (burs, prophy cups and brushes, etc.).  It is particularly suitable for polishing with diamond polishers or excavation of caries.


  • Transmission 1:1 blue (this means the handpiece rotates as fast as the micro motor it's attached to. (Green delayes, red accelerates)).
  • Suitable for all ISO standard 3964 / INTRAmatic® electro micromotors and air micromotors. 
  • Kavo® compatible 
  • Internal cooling 

Speed: Max 40,000 rpm (this means that the handpiece should not exceed 40,000 rpm). 

Connection: ISO standard 3964 / INTRAmatic® connection 

Maintenance: thermal disinfector suited and sterilizable in autoclave up to 138 ° C. 

ToDent Tornado handpiece blue 1:1

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