The ToDent LED55 is absolutely a great piece of work in the field of cordless curing lamps. And in its category the most advantageous quality lamp.

Battery low and spare battery not charged. Sounds familiar? That's history with the ToDent LED55 since it comes standard with 2 batteries that can charge at the same time. In addition, the light guide is coated black, which ensures minimal escape of light outside the area of ​​use. And with a high intensity of 1,250 mW / cm2, curing of all types of composite is done in a snap.

For the precise worker, the lamp is equipped with three cure programs: fast, linear and pulsed and with the built-in radiometer, you will always know whether the lamp still has enough intensity before the treatment.


  • 2 batteries, which can simultaneously charge
  • Black light guide, minimum light escape


  • Intensity 1.250 mW / cm2
  • Wavelength 430 ~ 490 nm
  • Working time 20 sec
  • Signal tone every 10 sec
  • Colour: silver

Programs: full power, constructive, pulsing

Packing: light, black light guide, protective shield, charger + adapter, 2 lithium-ion batteries

ToDent LED55 - Curing light silver

  • Brand: ToDent
  • Article No: 19 03 05
  • Availability: 6
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  • €249.00

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