ToDent Etching Gel is a 37% phosphoric acid(H3PO4) semi-gel-type agent intended for use on dentin and enamel. ToDent Etching Gel effectively removes the smear layer and contributes to a successful bonding between composite and tooth.


  1. Contains bio-compatible polymers
  2. Guaranteed expiration of at least two years.
  3. Completely residue-free after use of water spray
  4. Can be precisely applicated by an excellent viscosity


  • blue
  • 5 ML etching corresponds to 6 grams.
  • 37% phosphoric acid(H3PO4)
  • Semi-gel

Application: Roughening of the dentin

Expiration: Oct 2026 

3 x 5 ml syringe etching gel
8 x application tip

ToDent Etchant gel - 3 x 5 ml syringe

  • Brand: ToDent
  • Article No: 39 15 05
  • Availability: 524
  • Safety Data Sheet: click to download pdf
  • User guide: click to download pdf

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