Special tip for tartar removal around implants. This scaling tip is coated with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). The DLC coating provides a very high hardness and very low friction coefficient making the tip extremely suitable for tartar removal around implants. The ToDent scaling tip line for the EMS is manufactured with the latest CNC technology (computer-controlled control of machine tools). A specific thermal process is used which creates a higher quality and more resistant to stress. This is done in collaboration with the Swiss High School of Engineering. 


  1. Very high hardness 
  2. Unique 100% Swiss design and manufacture 
  3. After DLC coating has disappeared second life as regular PS tip 


  • Stainless steel 
  • 3 micron DLC coating 

Application: Tartar removal of implants 

Remarks: Lifetime elongation instructions: 

  • Do not use more than 40% of the power of your ultrasonic scaler 
  • Only clean the implant, not the entire set of teeth with the tip 
  • Apply as little pressure as possible to the tip 

Packaging: Per piece

ToDent tip PS DLC (EMS connection)

  • Brand: ToDent
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