About Us

The mission of ToDent is twofold.

On the one hand ToDent stands for top quality dental products. The goal is to be the best. As a result ToDent products are often slightly better than competing brands in the market. Sometimes because the product itself is better, such as the ToDent Excellent gloves or the ToDent Bond SE. And sometimes because we are always active with possible improvements. We always listen to the users of ToDent products to see what we can improve. For example on the advice of ToDent hybrid users we have made the color of the packaging of the Vita colors A2 and A3 somewhat differently, so that they can be easily separated.

On the other hand stands ToDent  for a pleasant cooperation. One that is enjoyable for both parties. We pay a lot of attention to the customer relationship and always take a step extra.

Very soon we will launch a website dedicated to the ToDent brand at www.todent.eu. Check back regularly!