ToDent Core Dual is a world-class composite designed specifically for all types of core build-ups. It's main characteristic is dual curing, which means it's both light and self-curing. You're assured that the material will always completely cure. Because of it's dual nature of self and light cure you can use ToDent Core Dual for bulk fill. Layers are not necessary which makes it very time efficient. In addition ToDent Core Dual has a very high compressive strength and a deep polymerization. Which makes ToDent Core Dual extremely strong. 


  1. Light and self-cured
  2. High compression strength
  3. Bulk fill: no layers required


  • color yellow
  • radiopaque
  • processing time: 1:30 minutes
  • cure: 4:00 min (in the mouth)


  • Bulk fill
  • Cementation pin and post

Expiration: Sep 2021 

2 x 10 g dual syringe
12 x mixing tip
12 x intraoral tip
1 x mixing pad

ToDent Core Dual - core build up 2 x 10 g syringe

  • Brand: ToDent
  • Article No: 39 00 05
  • Availability: 53
  • Safety Data Sheet: click to download pdf
  • User guide: click to download pdf

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