The Todent Premium Polishers system offers efficient and effective finishing of all composites and ceramics in just 2 steps. These high performance diamond grinders and polishers eliminate the need for a pre-polishing step. 


  1. Will not leave any scratches. 
  2. No heat build-up or grooving. 
  3. Prevents formation of micro-cracks. 
  4. Less time required for finishing and polishing. 


  • Latex free polymer polishers with diamond grit. 
  • Head length 7.0 mm
  • Diameter 3.0 mm

Application: Finishing and polishing of composite, ceramic, compomer and glassionomer. 

Packaging: 5 pieces

ToDent Premium Polisher fine minipoint RA grey 5 pcs

  • Brand: ToDent
  • Article No: 80 16 25
  • Availability: 29

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